Here is the schedule for our 2017-18 Fall/Winter Season!

If you have any questions regarding the schedule, please email

Team Codes:

BB Division
BECKY — Becky With The Good Sets
BELLE — Fat Daddy’s Belles Of The Ball
JOCKS — Jockstraps
POUND — Pound City
FEVER — Scarlet Fever
STAG — Stag Barbershop Boys
SWING — Swing Both Ways
BBLUE — Team BBlue
SET! — That’s What She Set!

B Division
BEER — Beercelona
UGLY — Bumpin’ Uglies
BUTT — Butt Sets
EAGER — Eager Babies
HAMMER — Hammered At Last
KOHLS — #PrideAtKohls
BEAR — MAUL Bear Ballerz
SAFE — Safe Sets
SPIKE — The Spike Girls
SPIT — Spitters Are Quitters
RED — Team Red
VOLLEY — Volley Partons

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