Schedule for Sunday, July 13

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Schedule for Sunday, July 13

Welcome back! We hope you enjoyed your Fourth of July holiday and break last weekend! Here is the schedule for this weekend!


* * * PLEASE NOTE * * * — We will be revising the full schedule we posted prior to the break to accommodate a special and extraordinary request from a particular team. We will do our best at keeping time and team shifts to a minimum — the changes should not be too disruptive from what we had planned. The 2.0 schedule will be released next week and posted at Beluah Brinton and on the Schedule tab here. As always, the Weekly Email will have the correct slate of games each week. We apologize for any inconvenience in advance and sincerely appreciate your patience and understanding through the adjustments.


As a reminder, in addition to Sunday league play, MGVA also holds Open Play on Wednesday and Friday evenings each week at the sand courts at Beulah Brinton. We are already attracting enough individuals to keep games going on two courts each night, but we can accommodate more — so please join us!

Want to get your MGVA Yellow Card filled up extra fast? Starting tonight (Friday, July 11), we will be punching Yellow Cards at each Open Play session! We’ll continue to do this through the end of July, so that’s six potential punches if you show up every Wednesday and Fridayin July! 

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