2014 Indoor Season Tournament — Week 2

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2014 Indoor Season Tournament — Week 2

Our 2014 Indoor Season Tournament continues this Sunday, April 6, with the final rounds and championship games!

The brackets below have been compiled based on teams’ performance last Sunday.

Match play will again begin promptly at 4 p.m. and continue on a rolling basis throughout the timetable. A strict 5-minute rule will be allowed for warmups. Again, please be proactive about checking the schedule and being ready to play earlier than you think you need to be!

All teams must abide by regular season league rules, including the presence of at least three official roster players plus no more than two pre-registered tournament substitutes per match. All teams must have at least four bodies on the floor in order to be in compliance, and substitutes can only take the place of empty floor spots (i.e., a team with five roster players cannot additionally use two registered subs for that match). Failure to comply with reffing duties will result in forfeiture of the next scheduled match.

Week 2 Matches:

  • Consolation Bracket matches (all matches in Week 2 except the championship game) are best-of-three to 15, cap at 17. A third game, only if necessary, will be played to 15, no cap.
  • Championship matches will be best-of-three to 25, cap at 27. A third game, only if necessary, will be played to 15, no cap.
  • Should the undefeated team lose their first match in the Championship Match, one more game to 25 will determine the Tournament Champion, no cap.
  • Teams will stay and ref on the same court following a loss, except the loser of BS7 and losers of each respective division championship match.

2104-indoor-tournament-week2-timetable* = these Court B games will be moved to Court A if Court A is available sooner



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